Flipkart Account Management Service

Flipkart Account Management Service

Have you always thought about just how quickly your business would grow if you had easy access to expert advice? Fortunately, just like a travel agent helps you plan a fun, exciting holiday, Teqberto’s Flipkart Account Manager helps you manage your business efficiently by giving you advice and assistance whenever you need it. This Account Manager is trained by Flipkart to assist you with improving your product selection, speed of delivery to the customer, product pricing and a host of other areas that will help you to get more customers on Flipkart.

Seller Account Setup

Category Approval

Brand Registry & Protection

Product Listing

Manage Case Logs

Account Health Management

Product Optimization

Sponsored Ads

Sale Boost

A-Z Claim Management

Order Processing Guidance

Flipkart Warehouse Registration

Seller Flex Site Set up